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Empowerment Exercise Using Fantasy Roles - Enhancing Creativity and Expanding the Self

Allow yourself the energy of associating with that which is legendary, grand, and mythical.

Today we will do an exercise using fantasy that will allow us to choose incorporate aspects of empowering roles into our everyday lives.

~~~ Plus, Imagination and Visualization are MAD IMPORTANT in manifestation magick etc... of course ~~~

Fantasy and reality

We are shifting, morphing organisms that are constantly changing, learning and exploring. Yet we get stuck in roles, stuck in ways of thinking and being. 

Who would you be if you had a totally other life in which you were free from all constraints and social expectations?

Think about your wildest dream life, or where you would be if you had taken that another career path, or moved across the world.

Do you find this difficult? 

Today I’ll go over why imaginative thought about yourself and who you are can get stifled, and then go through an exercise that uses the imagining of fantasy lives to help you choose more empowering roles in your real life. 

Rigidity is a protection mechanism

Fight, flight or freeze (and also fawn) is the body’s natural reaction to danger.

When I was weaker, more traumatized, and less aware in general, I would wear anger, seriousness, coldness and (what I perceived to be) masculinity like armour.   

I would never wear skirts or dresses.  I would be hostile, volatile, jealous and defensive.  I would harshly and fiercely criticize others and myself. 

Rigidity is the body and psyche’s way of attempting to protect us from harm. 

I’m still a work in progress, but the healthier and happier I am, the more these protections soften. 

By purposely finding ways to have fun, act silly, and expanding our space of comfort, we tell ourselves consciously and unconsciously that it is safe.

Letting go may feel like dying

The old self is always dying, and we need not wear its heavy corpse.

Letting go of restrictions can feel like you are literally leaving your body, because in a way you are.  You are emerging from a protective chrysalis; you will be soft and delicate.   

But in this delicateness and vulnerability lies your ultimate growth and power.  Shed the skin courageously.

If you are around toxicity and abuse, this may not be safe for you to share with others.  Regardless, I implore you to do these practices in your own mind, for your own secret internal joy and openness.  

What about Role Fatigue?

I talked in Magick Month Day 17 about role fatigue. 

Role fatigue happens when we are trying to do too many different things, trying to be do many different people.  Role-fatigue is tough and draining.  This is not what I am encouraging here. 

Think about this exercise rather as “role refreshment”.  This is not meant to add to your already existing roles per se, but rather to add some imagination and creativity into that which you are already doing.   

Further, this is also meant to be fun.   You don’t have to do anything afterwards.  If you use your imagination even for a few moments, that is enough.

Be shameless

For this exercise, we will be coming up with various fantasy roles you may want to play. 

 For this moment, you are a child playing make-believe.  You are pure imagination.  No one needs to know what you choose – although sharing this with someone can be an adventurous experience as well!

The point is, it can be completely unattached to who you feel yourself to be right now.  Thus, this can help us to break free of rigid constraints we put on ourselves or allow others to put on us. 

Use Fantasy to Choose Empowering Roles

You could choose these roles to be anything you would be afraid to be or to try in real life. 

Or, you could choose roles for certain purposes.  For example, you can choose a role that helps you stay fit, one that helps you make money, one that enhances how you express yourself.

Are you growing plants?  You could imagine yourself as a famous botanist or wise-woman herbalist. 

Do you need to get back to a neglected practice or workout routine?  You could imagine you have the gig of a lifetime coming up, or that you are a superhero who regularly will need to lift cars and rescue damsels from burning buildings. 

No one ever has to see what you choose, so feel free to get weird with it. 

Fantasy Role Exercise

Choose 5 Roles and answer the following questions for each:

  1. What is the best part of being a ______________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__?

  2. How does a ____________________ feel day to day?

  3. How does a ____________________ look, dress, and act?

  4. What kind of tools does a ______________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ need?

  5. How is this different than how you currently feel, look, and act?

  6. What is one thing you could do to bring this role alive in your own life?

In Conclusion

Flexibility of self is in many ways freedom of self. 

This is not disingenuous or “posing”.  It does not mean changing your personality to the core.  But it does encouarage you to find your edges and to expand them a little further.  You are a creative being by nature, and you have the freedom to choose who you are becoming.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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