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Sound Therapy Online + In Edmonton

Sound Therapy is an exciting new field of study that has shown amazing results for many different types of physical, psychological, and emotional issues.

What is Sound Therapy good for?

From speeding healing time for broken bones and sports injuries to reducing symptoms of ADHD and stress, therapeutic sound has so much to offer.

Sound or Vibroacoustic frequency therapy has also shown great impact in improving symptoms of fibromyalgia - which I can personally attest to.

Fibromyalgia is such a tough condition to treat, and this is what excited me the most originally when I was first introduced to sound therapy. I am so especially honoured to be able to share these therapies with others now.

What does Sound Therapy Feel Like?

It's kind of like getting the water to massage your cells from the inside out.

Sound therapy and Ultrasound therapy are somewhat similar in how they work (with waves being introduced to the body) with ultrasound being at frequencies that are too high pitch for us to hear.

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Further Reading and References:

Medical Sound Association: A group of over 400 doctors, sound healers and sound therapists coming together to create treatment protocols and safety guidelines for using sound and music for medical issues.

Naghdi, L., Ahonen, H., Macario, P., & Bartel, L. (2015). The effect of low-frequency sound stimulation on patients with fibromyalgia: a clinical study. Pain research & management, 20(1), e21–e27.




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