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On The Nature of Magick

Updated: May 17, 2022

What is Magick?

Magick, at its simplest, is creation according to one’s will.  There are many conceptions about how mainstream physics defying "magick" occurs.

Some believe all is in accordance to physical laws (whether known or unknown), and some that reality is effected by supernatural forces. 

Occultist Peter J Carroll argues that the universe is filled with Aether, matter which is of “a probabilistic nature”, between definite Chaos and being, upon which consciousness can act – in essence, create magick that influences reality[1].

While he argues this is a non-religious and amoral fact, there is part of me that feels certain that there are bigger consciousnesses, meta-consciousnesses or semi-persistent energy patters, similar to what Jung refers to as archetypes[2]

Personally, spirits and spirituality, the feeling of ecstasy and worship of and partnership with larger energy forces feels real to me, and is as persistent and connected to me through my first experiences of the divine as my belief in magick itself.

We are all participants in the creation of our realities, and thus all magicians.  Since we are always doing magick, it makes good sense to make sure one is doing it well.

How can we be better Magickians?

There are many books much more eloquent than myself on such subjects, however I will reiterate a few points that seem common to many of them.

  • Cleansing: Develop a meditation or mindfulness practice. Try elimination and cleanse diets, or fasting practices (safely and gently to begin with).

  • Exploring: Journaling and dream journaling.   Making art. Learn who you are, where you have been, what your mind does when you are asleep.  Dig through your consciousness and unconsciousness for clues as to what you truly want, what you have to offer the world, and what you should put your esoteric energies towards.           


  • Doing: Start praying, practicing, acting with intention.  Sometimes the most powerful spell is no more complicated than dialling a number into a phone (though more difficult than one may expect at times!).  Get your hands dirty, cast the circle, burn the offering.  Mistakes made in earnest are easily forgivable, and if malady occurs, important learning does also.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to Contact or comment below.

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~


[1] Peter J Carroll. Liber Null (1978) and Psychonaut (1982) (published in one volume in 1987). Pg. 29 ISBN 0-87728-639-6

[2] Jung, C. G. (1934–1954), The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious, Collected Works, 9 (2 ed.), Princeton, NJ: Bollingen (published 1981), ISBN 0-691-01833-2

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