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Making Your Instrument into Sacred Living Servitor

What would a Guitar for Witches / Sound Sorceress website be if it didn't have this kind of stuff on it?

Make Your Instruments And Tools Into Servitors

Today I will be talking about how to make your instrument, paint brush, computer program, or whatever your weapon of creation is into a living, tuned, powerful and sacred tool for your work.

What exactly is a servitor?

A servitor is basically an entity that one can create through magick to achieve a specific purpose. It is almost like a little line of computer programming that does one specific task, running in the background, making your life a little easier.

Working Dragon Mystic has a good introductory video here.

As an animist, I believe consciousness is in every cell, every molecule. A pre-requisite of matter and energy. Even so, it is easy to forget to treat the objects around me with respect and gratitude. I believe that using this type of ritual or spell to consciously and deeply imbue tools with consciousness helps bring out the life that already exists within it.

Reality is whatever we want and this is a beautiful way to make it a bit more wild, alive, and enthralling ~

Making Your Instruments and Tools into Servitors

Your tools are already sacred servitors of your will, however, you can make that energy a little more direct and purposeful by setting specific intentions and creating a magickal name for your item.

In this example, I will be using my main Sorguinazia guitar - a lovely Charvel frankensteined together with Dimarzio pickups and a Schaller floating bridge *swoon*.

Step 1: Create a Sigilized Name for Your Item

Write down 3 things you would like this item to do or be a conduit for. For example:




Now strike out any repeating letters and vowels:


Then make a new word using those letters and vowels of your choosing. Try a few iterations until one feels right:




For me, I’ve tried naming my instruments but then forget what I named them if I don’t write it down or tape it directly to them.

Step 2: Choose the energy source for your servitor.

For my guitar, I will allow the energy of my hands to feed it, as well as the electromagnetic energy that flows from the pickups. Choose whatever makes the most sense for your item!

Step 3: Charging the Servitor

While there are many ways to charge a Servitor quickly, such as working into an ecstatic state through dance and then “sending” the energy into the item, or rubbing one out while focusing on it to "impregnate" the object, I believe that if this is a tool you use regularly and you focus on charging the energy of the sigil regularly while it is in use, it may have an even stronger, gradual effect.

Once this work is complete, your baby has a real and magickal life. As long as you feed it regularly and treat it well, it will love you and serve you. As with art and with life, experiment boldly and you will be surprised at the positive results.

Dismissing the Servitor (Optional)

If you ever wish to undo this work, simply tell the servitor that its purpose is complete and tell it you are setting it free. Say thank you and express sincere gratitude. Meditate on the dissolving of the energy.

In Conclusion:

Now you know how to make your sacred tools even more powerful and purposeful through the use of servitors.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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