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7 Ways to Improve Artistic Consistency

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Consistency is the HARDEST THING as a musician - artist - dancer - writer etc. etc.

Sometimes the passion and motivation is just THERE.

We feel it. We own it. Brilliance pours out of us effortlessly.

Our muses at times find us, but at times it may feel like we are chasing them to no avail.

We are mad sorcerers. Sorcery takes a lot to wield in any direct and controlled way.

And then, when you get some success, the next question will always be - when’s the next big thing?

This pressure can be a lot, whether its from the head of your label, your mom, or your own misguided anxiety and guilt.

While I am a huge proponent of varied artistic activities and life skills, in order to be CONSISTENT you need to focus. Here are 7 ways that I recommend to put out consistent high quality creative work:

1. Decide what in your life needs the cut

Be ruthless. This is YOUR LIFE. YOUR DREAM. For me, I can’t have more than 1 drink if I want to do anything the next day. So drinking is just not worth it 99% of the time. My goals can’t wait. Can yours? Be honest about your life. What is most important and what is getting in your way? Write it all down.

2. Pray to Mars or Athena

These are diligent generals who don’t care about self-pitying nonsense or time-wasting perfectionism. Don’t let them bully you into burnout, but these energy forms will help you be honest about what poor habits, attitudes, or approaches are holding you back. Aries and Athena are warriors, and they LOVE a battle map. These deities are not conceited - they prefer strategy over the altar. So hold your head up, straighten your back, and give me 20 soldier!

athena greek goddess of war
Athena, Taking none of your shit

3. Make commitments to others

As a largely homeschooled/self-educated person, I know that without a deadline or someone to hold me accountable, it can take FOREVER to get something done, even when I genuinely want to complete a task. If I make an external commitment to someone like a teacher or a bandmate though? I will work my ass off to be ready. So take some music lessons so you have a teacher to show off for. Get in a group (like Occult Songwriting 101 ;)) Book a show. Book studio time. Anything to get some FIRE under you and FORCE you to be efficient and never mind the bollocks.

4. Dissolve your blocks

Anxiety, depression, poor health, poor eating and media consumption habits can have you burnt out, stuck, and feeling shitty about everything you do and try. If this sounds like you, remember you are worth EVERY possible effort to feel better.

Lacklustre, weakened you is NOT REALLY YOU. You are the universe incarnate and you deserve better.

Please seek out any and all help that you can with fervour. If you aren’t up to it, find a loved one, counsellor, or friend who can help you come up with some strategies and follow through. Even little changes like going for a short walk daily and taking a multivitamin can make a profound difference.

5. Strategic skill usage

Unlike a video game we don't get to "keep' each level we attain indefinitely. The castles we build are constantly getting eroded by time and fractured attention. Try not to feel guilty about not doing everything all the time, but also be smart about what you are ignoring. So, while you may not sing/play/paint/etc. every day, try to come back to these skills often enough that they don't revert back to baseline.

6. Remember your "why"

Write down your goals over and over. Refer to them often. This is the framework from which your manifestation and energy takes form in the physical world. Approach your goals without fear and without pride. Plus, I'll reiterate that Mars and Athena are generals and a battle map will help them help you.

7. Build it, and they will come

Book time and space for your muses to show up. Though they might not always attend, YOU are at the meeting. Be ready and show them you are serious. Get your stuff out, ready to go. Like, NOW lol. Commit to 10 minutes and watch the magick happen <3

I hope these tips and tricks can help you on your road to COMPLETE SPIRITUAL AND ARTISTIC EXUBERANCE! And like I said, if that interests you, please join us for Occult Songwriting 101. This community is absolutely fabulous and if you are anything like me, you will feel 1000x more inspired and juicy in your art, spirit, and life.

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