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Competency breeds confidence

Competency breeds confidence

I’ve had too many people tell me I’m “brave” for being a musician-

While having the drive to continue in the face of the deluge of dismissals, distractions, assaults + blockages of all kinds takes nerve -

I am a strong proponent that music is all of our birthright. Performance belongs to all of us.

It is not bravery, but it is the unwavering knowledge that I have something to share. I must share it as much as I must exhale.

Knowing how to articulate myself musically gives me the confidence to march forward, but it is not bravery or any other intrinsic or “special” thing about me. It is not luck or talent. It is just the power of knowing + anyone can have it.

If YOU would like to start feeling competent as a guitarist + as a potent magickal being - I am proud to present~

Starting OCT 11 2022

Beginner Guitar For WITCHES

Live online group class

12 Weeks of:

guitar + ritual + sound therapy + voice + meditation

You learn

+ guitar skills at an exponential rate

+ how to write & use music to expand & express your soul

+ how to start your own band, record, buy & maintain equipment

+ more...

You get

+ 12 live group classes

+ access to recorded classes

+ guitar instruction + ritual + sound therapy + voice + meditation

+ group & teacher support

+ femme ran & diverse space

+ performance & collaboration

If you are

+ a badass who is struggling to get started or improve

+ wishing you could write your own songs

+ prepared to gain confidence & use music as a means of gnosis, meditation + worship

- Looking for support, encouragement + direction


What I bring:

- 15+ years as music teacher, artist, signed professional musician + composer

- Degrees in psychology, counselling + sound therapy

- Specialized in the occult, neuroscience, performance + meditation

- Excellent reviews






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