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There are so many reasons, but here are just 5 reasons why witches + bad bitches of all varieties should learn guitar...

1. All the “petty” reasons:

VANITY - Musicians are fucking hot. You get to show off on stage and/or online. SPITE - You get to show that asshole who thought you were just some bimbo that actually you are BETTER than them at something they value.

POWER - Inflict your emotions + good (or bad) taste on the listener. Get fucking paid for it. Please whatever demons + spirits prefer your style to gain their favour.

#revenge #throughspite

2. Learning to write your own music flexes the muscles of manifestation:

When playing music, you create something tangible from the etheric energy of thoughts. You learn to send thoughts, intention, + emotional states directly into the mind + space of the listener.

3. Specific musical frequencies & patterns have real psychological & physical health benefits:

Sound can ease pain, treat disease, and so much more. Plus, you are literally “touching” every molecule within + around you and vibrating it with your will and intention.

You can even try it out for yourself here:

4. Increased physical and mental control:

Using your hands + body in a precise way with specific results in mind increases your awareness of your inner state and shows you where you lack precision or control. This is a very direct form of biofeedback.

5. Competency breeds competence:

You will feel an enormous sense of self-efficacy as you start to gain skill. You will build SO MUCH confidence as you see your own world reflected back at you. Read more about competency + confidence here...

If you can think of more please list in the comments lol.


If you are ready to get to the next fucking level

Join me on an

enchanting journey of

esoteric musical Knowledge...

Starting OCT 11 2022

Beginner Guitar For WITCHES

Live online group class

12 Weeks of:

guitar + ritual + sound therapy + voice + meditation

You learn

+ guitar skills at an exponential rate

+ how to write & use music to expand & express your soul

+ how to start your own band, record, buy & maintain equipment

+ more...

You get

+ 12 live group classes

+ access to recorded classes

+ guitar instruction + ritual + sound therapy + voice + meditation

+ group & teacher support

+ femme ran & diverse space

+ performance & collaboration

If you are

+ a badass who is struggling to get started or improve

+ wishing you could write your own songs

+ prepared to gain confidence & use music as a means of gnosis, meditation + worship

- trying to deepen your practice

- Looking for support, encouragement + direction


What I bring:

- 15+ years as a music teacher, artist, signed professional musician + composer

- Degrees in psychology, counselling + sound therapy

- Specialized in the occult, neuroscience, performance, + meditation

- Excellent reviews

- Recognize that art is YOUR SACRED BIRTHRIGHT






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