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Witch With An Axe...

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is the amalgamation of many years of work as an occultist - musician - instructor - artist - writer. 


With several degrees, albums, and album covers under her belt, Catherine Xolaryxis Anakha is here to provide unique guidance, sound and song, and consecrated ritual items, prints, and sound healing instruments, tracks and tools. 


Beyond any doubt, it is her life work to help bring magick, shamanism, science and beauty into every aspect of your life.  


All interactions, shares, likes, comments, subscriptions, tips and purchases fuel this mission physically and metaphysically.  Please do not be shy to contact if you would like to participate, partake, or inquire.  


To thy exalt, 



"As a student of Catherine, I found she teaches music in an easy, true enthusiastic, fun and natural to comprehend way.  She knows that music is all the Spirit of Life.  I wanted to heal and grow in every good way, so found her council, psychologist skills, spells, prayers and positive rituals with Divine Nature exceedingly helpful, genuinely compassionate, beautiful and inspiring... And do help heal of course!"    Marcus, UK.



"I’ve been playing guitar for six years and began my lessons with Cat at 19 years old. I started out very nervous and was slow to master new techniques; now I write my own songs and have started to perform in front of others. Unlike other music instructors, Cat helps develop your natural skills as an artist and leads you on a music path of your choice. If you want to be classically trained, she can do that, but if your focus is to learn to play through songs, or for me, build a general music repertoire in order to write my own music, she has that ability as well. Cat is the first person I showed my original work to and I would never be the artist I am today without her. She helped form and nurture my artist identity in so many ways and I am forever grateful to her. She is an extremely skilled musician herself and an incredible mentor. Cat is a true artist and master at her craft."  - Alex, High School Teacher, Edmonton AB


"I really enjoy my guitar lessons with Cat, she has a gift for teaching that makes the whole process fun and playful, and I ALWAYS leave each lesson feeling that I've learned a new technique or understanding about  music,  and the confidence that comes from that knowledge. 

She knows her stuff and encourages that curiosity and passion for music and its fundamentals in her lessons. 

She is like a velvet gloved drill sergeant when reminding you to be aware of your technique and body positioning, she won't let you get sloppy, so the habits you learn now are good habits in the future, because she cares!

Most of all,  she really understands that music is an artform of expression. I feel she has the ability to sit and work with each student at their level of ability and style,  whether that is finger painting, or composing a Mona Lisa."  Lee, Massage Therapist, Edmonton 


"Working with Catherine has been a blessing for me. 2 years ago I didn't believe in anything, but after Catherine's guidance and instruction, my life is opening up in ways I never would have imagined possible regarding the occult and metaphysical. I needed help crossing the threshold and I am grateful I found the right mentor for me, she is truly a Sorceress" B, Edmonton. 

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