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Comprehensive Counselling with Aspects of Occultism, CBT, Sound Therapy, Meditation and Positive Psychology

Hone your creativity to the fullest possible potential using every possible tool at your disposal - physical and metaphysical.


  • 1-2 Live Zoom Sessions/Week

  • Individualized Practice and Ritual Suggestions

  • Exercise and health Recommendations 

  • Extensive Online Resources relating to your fields of interest 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit most from this?


Musicians, Writers, Occultists or Those Interested in Holistic Approaches to Health and Work who are ready to achieve the next level of their craft. 

What tangible results can I get from coaching?

The sky is the limit. Though no guarantees can be made, changes that occur between us today in the focus of our strongest intentions spiral outward into the infinite. 

About Comprehensive Coaching
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