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Ready to explore the mystical world of music with the guidance of a professional? At Witch With An Axe, I offer a unique guitar experience that combines my background in psychology, occult, neuroscience cognition with my love of music. You'll learn how to strum like a pro in no time while also indulging in meditation, sound healing, and comprehensive equipment tips.


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 Witch With An Axe is...

the amalgamation of Catherine's 15+ years of work as an

music teacher = occultist - musician - coach - artist - writer

With several degrees, albums, and album covers under her belt, Catherine Xolaryxis Anakha is here to provide unique guidance, sound and song, and consecrated ritual items, prints, and sound healing instruments, tracks and tools. 


Beyond any doubt, it is her life work to help bring magick, shamanism, science and beauty into every aspect of your life.  

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